For Volunteers

who can volunteer?

We offer many volunteer opportunities for ages five years and up. There are volunteer options for youth, teens, and adults, as well as host family opportunities.  

At BayStar, we want our volunteers to be caring, responsible, respectful, and supportive. Our volunteers have a big responsibility, as they ensure that each family has the best experience.

opportunities to serve

As a volunteer or a host family at a retreat, you will have the opportunity to connect, inspire, and support young children and their families. Our retreat will connect a group or family of 2 adults and 2 youth to serve a cancer retreat family.

Anyone five years and older can volunteer at one of our retreats. All volunteers are asked to fundraise to earn money for the family they will be serving at the retreat. 

what to expect

As a volunteer, the serving opportunity and responsibilities will include:

host family

Host families will serve the retreat families to help ease their stress and worry of their child’s cancer journey. The main goal of a host family is to connect with the retreat family and help them find hope in faith, have fun, and develop new friendships.

Each host family will be paired directly with a retreat family where you will serve and support them for the entire retreat. Host families will also be on a team, where they will help serve meals, set up activities, and/or be on a production team. 

Each retreat family attends the retreat for free, and all expenses are covered for them to provide a worry-free environment for them. Thus, we ask that host families contribute to offset their own expenses for the retreat.



frequently asked questions

For students 13-17, the cost is $300. For adults 18 and up, the cost is $300. For a family of four, the cost is $1,000.

Yes, we are asking you to make the commitment to be at the retreat, and you are more likely to stay committed to serving when there is a financial commitment to the cause.

Yes, we will give you strategies/ideas on how to raise funds to serve at BayStar Family Retreat.

Our retreats will last between 3-5 days. We ask you to make the commitment to not leave the retreat once you arrive.

Yes, all of your meals and lodging are included. However, you may need to bring an air mattress, as a bed is not promised for students under the age of 21.

Your main responsibility is to help the retreat families feel the love of Christ, by helping them have hope in faith, make new friendships and give them strength and courage. We would like you to participate in all retreat activities and help wherever you are needed.