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We wanted to show them a weekend where cancer isn’t the first thing you think about in them morning or the last thing you think of when you fall asleep. We laughed, we cried, we hugged (repeat four days) and we became friends with complete strangers in 4 miraculous days of pure love and joy.”

– Host Family

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become a host family

Host families will serve the retreat families to help ease their stress and worry of their child’s cancer journey. The main goal of a host family is to connect with the retreat family and help them find hope in faith, have fun, and develop new friendships.

Each host family will be paired directly with a retreat family where you will serve and support them for the entire retreat. Host families will also be on a team, where they will help serve meals, set up activities, and/or be on a production team. 

Each retreat family attends the retreat for free, and all expenses are covered for them to provide a worry-free environment for them. Thus, we ask that host families contribute to offset their own expenses for the retreat.