What We Do

our background

In 2017, the Fisher family created the Baystar Family Retreat, a faith-based, all-inclusive retreat for pediatric cancer patients and their families in the Tampa Bay area. Each retreat is designed as a way to offer families time to relax and spend time together as well as the opportunity to meet other families fighting the battle without the worry of hospitals, treatments and financial impacts.
With the goal to give families hope on which to stay strong during the battle with cancer, family retreats are designed to help families develop a local community network for support, information, resources, share experiences and fellowship. For many this may be the last vacation they experience together as a family.

who we serve:

Families from Central Florida to the West Coast of Florida.

what we do:

Provide a faith-based retreat for families when they need it most.

why it matters:

From the MOMENT Louis D'Autorio, Cierra, Trinity, Anastasia and I pulled up we were greeted with nothing but huge smiles, hugs, love, support and understanding!!! Through this whole weekend, we were just the D'Autorios. Many will not understand, and I pray you never do. So, please take my word for it, when I say simply being the D'Autorios is one of the biggest blessings anyone could of given us right now! It was such an AMAZING weekend!

Skyla D'Autorio