For the families

As a non-profit organization, donations are extremely important to us. Every penny goes into our retreats and events to ensure that every family has the best accommodations, resources, and experience as possible.

Your generosity not only makes an impact on BayStar Family Retreat, but it makes an impact on each family and each child going through what no one should ever have to – pediatric cancer. 

many ways to get involved

There are many ways to give and get involved with BayStar and help pediatric cancer families beyond monetary donations!


how your donations can help

All donations impact our retreats in amazing ways!

retreat donations

thank you for your generosity!

Because of your donations, we are able to reach many pediatric cancer families across the Tampa Bay area through retreats, events, fundraisers, partnerships and more!

We are grateful for our community and their support. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or host family, please message us or fill out an application today!